Wine Appreciation with The French Cellar

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A glass of wine at the end of the day is definitely a good end to a long day or working. We got The French Cellar (TFC) to bring that experience to those in and around CoSpace Park. It was a nice cosy setting, laid out with wine from all over France. 

The french do take their wine seriously, french wine appellations was something many of us were not aware of. Its a way for to determine quality and type of wine it is from. It’s not merely a guideline it is law. TFC brought 4 type of french wine throughout the night (white wine, rosé wine, red wine, sparkling wine) for participants to taste.

With each having their own stories of how its made and how to drink it. Participants got to learn how to tell if a wine is aged or not. Something that would come in handy for the next time at the restaurant.

Half way through the night, participants got a chance to a smell test. It was a chance for all to train their noses with the aroma kit game “Le nez du vin”. Floral and woody smells were presented and each one of them representing a quality to the wine. And finally to end the night, participants were treated to a spread of cheese from all over France.



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