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Nutrionist Shannen Low was at CoSpace Park to bust the myth that healthy food doesn’t mean you have to give up taste. She started the session with a breakdown of various diets that are out there. Truth be told, there isn’t a perfect diet, but merely the one that you follow through.

Was an eye opener to find out some of the calories of our favourite food like Nasi Lemak (~500 calories) and Chicken Rice (>600 calories). It roughly takes 2 of our favourite hawker food to hit our maximum daily intake. Makes one realize that as good as it taste, moderation is the key. Calories by themselves aren’t bad, its what we intake vs burning that we need to consider.

Each participant got a chance to learn a little more about how much calorie intake relative to their weight, height and age.  Through this one can understand how much intake is too much though knowing their Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) score.

Shannen shared her passion for eating healthy and clean, and why she started her store Waterbath Chef. It was built out of a necessity to find tasty food that can actually sustain weight loss and muscle building. The reason why she chose the name waterbath is because all her food is cooked through this method called sous vide. Sous vide refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food and cooking it in a temperature controlled water bath. This method of cooking allows for one to keep the juiciness of the ingredients with all its nutrients. No wonder those on-sen eggs she gave out on National Day was to die for!


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