FOTF Series: Grow Your Own Food by Agrome IQ

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The thought of growing your own food in Singapore seems impossible, because the excuse is we don’t have enough space or land. But that’s definitely not entirely true. Agrome IQ mission is to educate how we can do it even in our very own HDBs or Condos. They are also doing their best to represent and provide a voice to farmers and enabling them with technology to have a higher quality of life to support feeding our growing global population.

Many in attendance were intrigue as to how to start and what is the right recipe needed to grow your own food. Dr Vanessa and team covered topics from seed selection, space optimization and event considering the farm system required for indoor vs outdoors. A key point which many of us forget is actually sun, which we have abundance in Singapore and sometimes take for granted.


The team also covered watering methods against type of soil required that will keep our produce growing the way we wanted it. An interesting thing to consider was actually finding companion plants to grow with. Lastly, being part of a community is ever so important, as it encourages one another to constantly nurture what has been started together.

The lunchtime talk ended with a demonstration on how to use the Urban Farming Kits that we’re given out.

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